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The Djembe drum is an extremely powerful instrument which has brought thousands of people around the world together in peaceful gatherings.

It is a very expressive drum in both style and sound which is forgiving to beginners and respected by elders. The Djembe is a great choice for your first hand drum.
Cajon Drums
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The Cajon drum is an Afro-Peruvian musical instrument which is responsive to a light touch, yet provides deep resonating bass tones.

Pronounced Kah.HONE, it's often referred to as a box drum and is played by striking different areas of the drum to produce a wide variety of sounds.
Conga Drums
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The Conga drum is a barrel shaped Latin percussion instrument which is very popular in a wide variety of musical arrangements.

Usually made from hardwoods with a Water Buffalo skin head as the playing surface, the Conga is preferred by many percussionists.

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